A Basic Guide

Overall, throughout the years, Turkey has consolidated its reputation as a rising dental treatment center for international patients. As a result, there is a recent dental trend, namely, “Turkey teeth.” It involves patients traveling to Turkey for affordable dental treatment, promising them a cut-price Hollywood smile. Recently, the latest aesthetic whim made famous by English media personalities like Katie Price and Jack Fincham, who had their filed down to pegs teeth replaced with veneers, experienced an unfortunate downfall. English media channels report that “Turkey teeth” left thousands of British people with severe dental issues like dead stumps and abscesses. That is because patients who think they have veneers, in reality, have a much more aggressive tooth reduction via the placing of crowns.

Indeed, the unfortunate surge of illegal/unqualified new clinics offering harsh cut-price treatment threatens Turkey’s up-and-coming country image. A network of unlicensed dental clinics is spread across Istanbul and other major Turkish cities. As a result, the severe problem of the black market in dental treatment is part of the harsh reality that explains Turkey’s damaged country image.

Fortunately, aside from the dark side, there is a bright side. We invite you to explore the letter via our essential guide. Please stick with us. Do not rush; take your time and embrace the particular vocation of a researcher before you plan your upcoming dental treatment in Turkey.

Let’s explore how to find the perfect dental clinic in Turkey to walk on the bright side that outshines the dark one at the end of the day. Here is what you MUST do before planning your upcoming dental travel to Turkey.

1. Survey Reviews of the Dental Treatment Clinic in Turkey

It is commonplace that many clinics/dental centers in Turkey prioritize maintaining a good image through their websites. Therein you can search for reviews. Do not hurry; this does not mean a lot. Instead, be skeptical; you need to double-check the validity of inspections to assure that they are words of actual patients.

One of the most trustable review validation systems online is Trustpilot. Trustpilot is distinguished from its counterparts, like Google Business reviews which you shall also check, by its strictness towards fake reviews. Its beloved partner, Google trusts Trustpilot, so you can.

But how can you distinguish genuine patient reviews from fake ones?

  • If the review contains short phrases like “very good,” “super,” and “the best,” do not trust it. Actual reviews will be detailed, including the dentist’s name, date and time, procedure details, the outcome, and the patient’s feelings about the procedure.
  • Look for video reviews. They might be the best proof of the review’s truthfulness. So, check the YouTube channels of clinics. You can check ours right now!
  • Google Business reviews can be a good clue about the clinic’s reputation and quality. To access all reviews click the “show all reviews” button. Then, Google will automatically translate them to your language. However, Google Business can be tricky because Google asks neither for verification nor cross-checks reviews. It would help if you double-checked reviews to assure that owner is a natural person.

We, as Vera Clinic, use ONLY trustable & credible review validation systems. Vera Clinic values its patients and is devoted to maintaining excellence in engineering your beauty via dental treatment in Turkey.

2. Look Attentively For Before & After Photographs of Patients 

Additionally to examining reviews, we advise you to look for “before & after” photographs which will be derived from the patient gallery of photos as proof of successful treatments of the clinic. Do not just “look.” Check dates and video reviews to assess the originality of the photographs. Besides, search for Google images to understand whether or not treatment images of the clinic are stolen from another clinic/dental center.

In a nutshell;

  • Clinic/Dental center must have “before & afters.” If it lacks those, do not consider the affordable price offered by the medical institution. Do not put at risk your dental treatment in Turkey.
  • Nowadays, most businesses have an Instagram account. If a clinic lacks an Instagram page, skip them for now. Double-check “before & after” photos and all their posts regarding dates and mentions if they have one. You can check our page, where we maintain our reputable image through our day-to-day commitment to sharing our stories smoothly and clearly.

3. Explore Dental Treatment Clinic’s “Biography.” 

One of the biggest problems with finding a trustable & competent clinic/dental center for dental treatment in Turkey online is the possibility of lacking information. The clinic/dental center website will be your most proximate source of information. Some websites do not even mention any dentists/oral surgeons.

A good clinic must have a credible biography shared via its web page. There, you will find displayed experiences of accomplished medical personnel & competence of the staff. The clinic often hides behind an “experience & prominence” mask without filling in the empty words with information.

Additionally, there is a growing number of medical tourism companies in the disguise of dental clinics. Beware these companies! Check essential clinic photos and information through the web page of the medical institution of your choice. For instance, you should not go somewhere for implants if they do not have 3D TomographyX-RayTomography, and CAD/CAM. All are crucial technologies required for excellent dentistry.

It is a must that all clinics/dental centers in Turkey are registered with the Turkish Dental Association, which provides legal permission for medical tourism in line with health organization ministry laws. Some clinics’ websites lack this crucial information—we advise you not to risk your dental travel with unknown dental centers.

At Vera Clinic, we are proud of our philosophy of transparency. If you visit our website, you can get the needed & credible information about many of your questions/concerns regarding dental treatment procedures. You can as well get to know our medical staff through our page. Like all reputable dental clinics, we maintain our image thanks mainly to our big & cooperative family of specialist dentists who are competent in their field of expertise.


  • In your search for a satisfactory dental experience, check the web page of the clinic/dental center. Confirm that clinic offers the dental services you need.

4. Assess Quality of Dental Treatment Clinic in Turkey

Consider the below points to assess the clinic’s quality better.

  • Routine Visits

An accomplished dentist in a well-known dental clinic will be attentive to minor problems. For instance, if part of your tooth is about to develop a cavity, they will notice that. The cost will be negligible.

The staff will have the necessary skills to identify gum disease during the routine visit. This, as well, will be effectively treated at a minimal cost.

Staff members at a good clinic will be as skilled as up-to-date.

Hence, medical staff will understand that even painless problems have a way of impacting one’s general health in due course.

We at Vera Clinic care about you. Not only about your teeth. From head to toe.

  • Top Dentists

The dentist who will carry out your treatment is the most crucial agent in the dental practice. Make sure that the best possible dentists are at your disposal.

The following criteria might help in making the optimal choice for dental treatment in Turkey;

  • Credentials matter. Ensure that the dentist you settle on has spent at least five years in a dental program at a top university. Additionally, all dentists need to be members of the Turkish Dental Association. If a particular dentist is involved in cosmetic dentistry, they need to be a part of the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.
  • As a medical tourist, you probably need a dentist with a particular specialization. Do not settle for a general dentist merely involved in essential checkups, teeth cleaning, and other preventative dental procedures. Check whether the clinic has specialist experts. Make sure to find an experienced professional who has spent years practicing in their field.

In short, check the below points before your final decision.

4.1. Full-Service Dental Treatment Clinic

Considering the distance you are flying from your home, the clinic you are headed for shall attend to all your oral health problems in one place. Make it a point to check on your list that the clinic is full-service. Save your time and money.

4.2. Dental Technology

Over the last decade, given considerable technological improvements in the health field, you, as a medical traveler, deserve to make the most out of implemented tech features of clinics.

They are as follows;

  • X-Ray

Surprise, surprise; many clinics in Turkey do not have their X-Ray machines. Hence, you will be sent to other hospitals to get your job done. A trip to another hospital is both time and money-consuming. To speed up the process, we advise you to pick clinics that own X-Ray machines.

  • 3D Tomography

For a clearer picture and a smooth diagnosis, a dentist might need a 3D view of your mouth. 3D Tomography not only allows for a better vision. Besides, via 3D Tomography, dentists would easily differentiate between hard and soft tissues for diagnostic/treatment purposes.

  • Intraoral Scanner

Are you here to improve the speed, functionality, and accuracy all at one shot? Choose a clinic equipped with an intraoral scanner. It can take 2D & 3D scans of the structures in your mouth for diagnostic/treatment purposes.

  • Digital Smile Design

Thanks to Digital Smile Design, you no longer need to imagine how your brand new smile will look. Your dentist will upload an image of your current smile. Via Digital Smile Design, they will alter the appearance of your smile accordingly. Voila! Results are here for you to see without any guesswork involved. There will be enough time to get used to your new smile.

4.3. Lab Setup of Dental Treatment Clinic

Tooth appliances such as dental crowns are fixed up in the lab. Hence, examination of the lab setup shall be a quintessential part of your preliminary research as a medical traveler in Turkey.

  • Check whether your preferred clinic boasts CAD/CAM technology.
  • Check that clinic of your choice employs master ceramists and skilled medics endowed with Swiss watchmaker’s precision.
  • Ensure the quality of the products and materials. They must be of the highest quality and safe for you. Your dentist must use top brands such as Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Mode, and Ivoclar Vivadent. Also, they shall utilize a well-regarded whitening treatment like Philips Zoom II. In short, go for clinics that provide you with their certificate for all used products/materials.

5. Double-Check for Prices & Hidden Costs, Make Comparisons

The familiar proverb, “if it sounds too good to be true, it is probably not true.” unfortunately holds sometimes, especially regarding dental treatment in Turkey.

We advise you to beware of the cheap offers; dig into the hidden costs!

Some clinics may offer you affordable prices that will blind your eyes. Ask about the hidden costs such as temporary teeth, injections, and X-Ray. You would not want to make your wallet cry. Do your due diligence and find out the fees for desired pocket-friendly prices.

Note that any clinic/dental center that has medical tourism certificate has to offer warranty terms for their patients. Do not forget to ask for warranty terms before your dental treatment in Turkey.

In short,

  • Look out for a well-equipped clinic where you will feel at home, given the adequately skilled staff members, at a realistic price, neither too high nor too low to be true.
  • Turkey is a small country where most cities do not have direct access to many countries in Europe, the UK, and the USA. Hence, try to find a clinic in Istanbul or Antalya from where there are all-year flights. That means you will have a rich menu of affordable flight options during winter when prices go down.
  • Compare prices of several well-known clinics in Turkey. You would not want to make your wallet cry, yet, beware of the lowest prices. Remember, suitable quality materials, products, technology, and dentists are costly. You may have to spend a bit more to enjoy top-tier quality.

6. What About the Queue?

We do not think many dental clinics in Turkey will tell you the truth about your waiting time. We are. You will need to wait a bit for your upcoming dental treatment. Many money-blinded clinics try hard to book as much as they can. You can stay the whole night for your veneers despite the promise of a “bit” waiting time.

Boutique clinics like us, Vera Clinic, offer you a private room for your rest at home comfort. We assure you that your wait before dental treatment in Turkey will be pleasant. It would not take a whole day.


  • In Turkey, you will not wait too long for your dental treatment compared to the long queue that made Europe, the UK, and America “famous.” However, you will wait before the procedure. Make the best out of your free time while waiting a bit.

So, here is your beginner’s guide to making the right choice. We advise you to use your time wisely and do your research thoroughly. Every industry has two sides; to explore the bright side, you need to devote your time & energy. In the end, you will be the winner, we assure you.

Why You Shall Come to Vera Clinic for Dental Treatment 

Dental treatment in Turkey, the medical hub on the rise at our Vera Clinic, is of first-class quality at economy-class prices. Since 2013, as one of the pioneers in Turkey’s medical tourism industry, we continue to prioritize top-tier treatment/care/service quality above everything else.

We do not need to assure you that our expert medics & hospitable personnel will make your dental experience noteworthy. We are sure you will choose us after your careful & attentive research.

For any questions/concerns, you can contact us anytime from wherever you are.

We are a click/call away.

Do not forget; we offer no beauty elixir; we are the real fixer! We kindly invite you to discover it by yourself.

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