Why Having Perfect Teeth Should be Important to Us

From a young age, we are taught to put emphasis on our teeth, although we may never learn why we begin to inherently follow strict dental care routines. In addition, we begin to base our judgments of strangers on the quality of their teeth. As absurd as it may seem, this is how the world works. In truth, however, obsession with perfect teeth is a lot deeper than we assume.

So, why are we obsessed with perfect teeth?

1- Perfect teeth convey our physical health

Our teeth tell more about our physical health than we would like it to. Everything from nutrition to disease, both mental and physical is enclosed behind your lips. When following a poor diet, our teeth will not have sufficient nutrients to remain intact. As a result, they fall. Teeth that fall in adulthood are usually a sign of disease and weakness. Given this link between gaps and health, we are automatically put off by the look. Attractiveness, in terms of science, is a healthy partner with exquisite genes to pass on to future generations. Hence, why a poor set of teeth, puts people off.

2- A sign of fertility

According to a study, gum disease and tooth decay, in both men and women, affects their fertility. In men gum disease and tooth decay lead to poor semen health. Whereas in women, poor dental hygiene can lower the chances of conception.

3- They make us more attractive

Subconsciously, our minds have established a link between perfect teeth and attractiveness. From a poor diet to poor mental health to poor physical health, the aforementioned factors increase a person’s chances of straying away from a perfect smile. Given the relationship between our health and teeth, our psychology evolved to find those with an immaculate set of pearly whites to be more attractive.

4- A sign of happiness

I do not know about you, but the phases in my life where my teeth looked worse I was not exactly doing well. Neither is, say, doing the laundry or the dishes. understandable its hard to fit dental hygiene on your list of priorities when the blues hit. However, again, we associate good mental health with a perfect set of teeth. I mean, after all, unless we are in a good place mentally, taking extra care of the precious whites can be a daunting process.

How to get  perfect teeth?

Since dental hygiene has an effect on your fertility and your public image, you might want to know, as well, how to achieve it. That, my friend, is what I will explain to you.

Teeth whitening

beginning with the simple teeth whitening gel. Teeth whitening is the most sought after cosmetic dentistry procedure. The technique is fairly straightforward. A gel is used to penetrate the porous enamel and target stubborn stains. Most worry that the gel would wear away or cause irreversible damage to the enamel. However, that is not true. The safest way to achieve this is through the in-office whitening session at the dentist.

Although in recent years, there has been a growing trend in whitening kits, they impose far more risks on the enamel than in-office sessions.

Dental Crowns

A cap like structures that cover brittle damaged teeth. They come in an array of materials, with the most popular being zirconium.

Dental implants

A two-part unit that consists of a root and a crown. Dental implants are most known for replacing lost teeth. The material of the root is standard and is titanium. However, the crowns have a broader array of material from which they can be made.

In summary

A perfect set of teeth says a lot about us to strangers. Assumptions can be made about our mental and physical health through merely stretching our lips in an attempt to charm. However, it is not only for vain purposes and impressing others, having a set of healthy teeth can actually increase one’s fertility.  In other words, working on maintaining the shine of your precious whites will affect your health and social life positively.

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